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David Schwimmer helps NYC police in stabbing case

David Schwimmer became an unlikely hero by helping the NYPD catch a suspect after his neighbor was attacked and stabbed.

David Schwimmer is still making headlines, more than a decade after the show that made him famous went off the air. The Friends star helped police solve a stabbing that happened near his building.

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Schwimmer heard of the incident and invited the New York Police Department into his townhouse to view surveillance footage of the scene from the front of his home, Sgt. Tom Antonetti of the NYPD told CNN. The fight began just before 6 a.m. Monday, May 26, in the East Village on the first floor of an apartment building. According to police, three people were allegedly involved in the theft of a computer when they began fighting. One person ended up being stabbed in the face, and then taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Police found the alleged stabber, but the third person ran from the scene. Antonetti said that they were relying on witness stories of the incident before looking at Schwimmer’s surveillance footage.

Robert Rainey of Newark was charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and robbery. He also allegedly had thrown a brick through the building’s lobby window.

It’s not clear how Schwimmer’s footage helped, but Antonetti said, “I am sure it contributed in some form or fashion to the investigation.”

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Other than helping police solve crimes, the actor has been staying busy. After a surprise wedding back in 2010, he is now the proud father of a baby girl, born in 2011. And although Friends fans had hoped there would be a reunion show or movie, NBC and the cast has shot down the idea.

Schwimmer has yet to comment on the stabbing case.

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