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Macaulay Culkin’s band drenched in beer, booed off stage

Macaulay Culkin’s tribute band, Pizza Underground, was drenched with beer and booed off the stage during their set at the U.K.’s Dot to Dot music festival.

It doesn’t look like everyone shares the same Macaulay Culkin fandom as Ryan Gosling. Over the weekend, Culkin’s comedy cover band, Pizza Underground, played the U.K.’s Dot to Dot musical festival, but didn’t exactly mesh well with the crowd.

During their parody of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day,” the crowd offered a hostile reaction to the performance, tossing pints of beer onstage. You would think that a band that hands out free slices of pizza would get some sort of support. According to The Nottingham Post, Culkin and his bandmates left their set after just 15 minutes and a whole lot of booing. After being drenched in beer, it is reported that Culkin shouted, “Why are you throwing those? I’d rather drink them!”

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Reps for the Dot to Dot festival released a statement after Pizza Underground’s disrupted set, expressing their disappointment in the crowd’s continuous heckling. “After barnstorming sets at both Dot To Dot Manchester and Dot To Dot Bristol, it’s such a shame that some members of the crowd had to ruin what was set to be an excellent show,” the statement read.

Pizza Underground didn’t stay quiet about the event either. The group took to Twitter with a surprisingly optimistic outlook, brushing off the couple of people that ruined the moment for everyone.

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In late 2013, SheKnows reported on Culkin’s parody cover band and their hilarious song titles, including, “All the Pizza Parties,” “I’m Beginning to Eat the Slice,” “Cheese Days,” “Waiting for the Delivery Man” and “Pizza Day.”

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