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Rizzoli & Isles trivia: Think you know the show?

How well do you know seasons one through four of Rizzoli and Isles?

To the non-initiated, Rizzoli & Isles may feel like just another crime show, but fans of the TNT drama know better. Its two outstanding female leads and excellent writing set this show apart, sparing viewers the clichéd gotcha-liners we’ve gotten so used to seeing on other procedural crime shows like the CSI franchise.

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Angie Harmon plays Jane Rizzoli, a super-tough Boston detective, and Sasha Alexander is Maura Isles, a smart and stylish medical examiner who’s more comfortable with the dead than she is with the living. Together the two have such incredible on-screen chemistry that their TV “bestie” status has morphed into a real-life friendship.

Which is probably why audiences keep coming back for more… not to mention the show’s creative blend of oh-so-enjoyable humor and pathos set against a crime-ridden backdrop.

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Fans can brush up on their Rizzoli & Isles trivia by taking our quiz.

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