Our 5 favorite Channing Tatum movies

Jun 10, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET
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Channing Tatum is so much more than a pretty face. He proved it in The LEGO® Movie, when he captivated us with just his voice as Superman. But, let's face it: We'd still rather see that face and those biceps, right? We have a few favorite places to catch him in all his glory, too.

Channing Tatum

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Presented by MTV, Stop-Loss told the all-too-familiar story of a soldier forced to report back to duty. When Steve Shriver (Tatum) returns from Iraq he has plans to leave the Army and re-join civilian life... except the Army has other ideas. Stop-Loss sucks for soldiers. Stop-Loss rocks for us as it serves up a dose of not only Tatum but also Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Timothy Olyphant and Ryan Phillippe.

The Vow


Not all of Tatum's wardrobe choices are the best in this movie. But, we still love him. Sure, nothing about The Vow feels logical. However, it's everything we'd want if we lost our memory and forgot our husbands. From driving a cool old truck and jumping into a freezing lake to punching Scott Speedman in the face, everything Tatum does in this movie is just so... right.

Dear John


Another chance to see Tatum in camo as a soldier writing love letters back home to a girl he met while on leave. So, yeah, it's another sappy romance. This one includes super-sweet love letters. Tatum surfing. And kissing in the rain. Just re-watching the trailer for this movie gave us so many feels and tears. This is the movie we turn to when we're in need of a good cry... and a great Tatum session.

21 Jump Street


Real drama and fake tears are awesome, but sometimes a girl just needs to laugh. Where do we go when we're ready for a giggle-fest? The obvious answer is 21 Jump Street, where Tatum is at his comedic best. When Tatum and Jonah Hill go back to high school as undercover cops, they have way more fun than they did the first time around. Probably a little too much. We won't narc on 'em, though.

Magic Mike


Does this need an explanation? It's Tatum... dancing and taking his clothes off. We call that a win.

Time for a movie night? We think so.

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