Graceland Season 2 sneak peek: Mike the hunted

We’re less than a month out from an all-new season of USA’s Graceland, and we can’t wait. You’ve seen the new promo, right?

Summer is here. You know how we can tell? There’s a new Graceland Season 2 preview, multiple interesting photos on the loose and less than a month until Mike and the gang return. If you thought Graceland‘s first season ended darkly, though, just wait until you see the Season 2 premiere. Things are about to get even worse for agency newbie Mike.

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Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here’s a refresher from last season. Graceland is a bada** house on the beach in California that the U.S. government seized from an Elvis-obsessed drug lord. Now the compound serves as home for six undercover agents from various government agencies. Mike Warren joined the team in the first episode as a rookie FBI agent straight out of school. His actual mission: to investigate one of his housemates, Briggs, all while working on other cases and seeming mostly useful. Along the way, stories of torture and drug abuse come out. Just as Mike had been warned, no one is who they say they are. For a little more detail, check out this first-season recap from USA.

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It looks like Mike’s former transgressions are catching up with him this season. USA’s website has the first three minutes from Season 2 available, and things look super sketchy. It starts with Mike with a bag over his head, being interrogated by some Mexican gangsters. Then we skip back to three weeks earlier, when Briggs does an arms deal with a new suspect. On the dashboard of his boat is a picture of Mike. When Briggs questions the suspect, he finds out Mike is being hunted because of the scams he pulled last season.

You’d think with a gang on the hunt for Mike in California, the last place the FBI would send Mike is, you know, back to California. For whatever reason, though, it looks like Mike will return to Graceland. What’s more: He’ll take lead on what goes down in the pursuit. Will the rest of the house fall in line behind Mike? Or will his one-time friends rebel against the newbie taking lead? If the Season 2 poster is any indicator, at least one person will still butt heads with Mike.

Graceland poster Photo credit: USA

Graceland Season 2 premieres June 11.

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