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INTERVIEW: How Mýa’s music, sex life has changed over the past 5 years

Remember Mýa? We do, and we’re so glad she paid SheKnows a visit to chat. The so-real and so-gorgeous songstress shared the scoop on her life lately and what’s ahead. Now you get all the details, too.

If you’re a normal Top 40-only radio listener, you may not have kept up with late ’90s phenomenon Mýa. If you fell in love with the girl after her breakout hit “My Love Is Like… Wo,” you probably know all that the singer and dancer has been up to lately. From breaking away from her record label to becoming a Japanese pop sensation to being runner-up on Dancing With the Stars Season 9, Mýa has kept majorly busy. She stopped by SheKnows HQ to talk specifically with us about what’s gone on in her life recently and what’s ahead. We can’t wait to share those details with you.

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After a few successful years on Interscope, Mýa found herself at odds with the label and unhappy with how things were going. An accidental leak in Japan forced the label to release an album it had been holding and helped Mýa realize people still loved her. Now she’s flying independent, still riding high after DWTS Season 9 and is just an all-around happy person. How do you stay so upbeat after a bumpy few years?

“I’ve learned patience and to acquire skill sets and to define things myself, whether it is beauty or happiness or success,” Mýa explained. “Those are very key components of what other managers, publicists or companies define. And sometimes their definition is a little different or a lot different than yours. And that can also be very dangerous as you’re coming into woman- or manhood. But it’s very important to define those things [for yourself].”

Over the years, Mýa has tackled all kinds of obstacles and pushed through anything in her way to find her definitions of beauty, happiness and success. A lot of learning who she is came from diving headfirst into new things, from veganism and the 10-day Master Cleanse to celibacy. Celibacy? We can’t imagine. Was she just sick of men?

“It’s never been about being over men,” said Mýa. “I just think it’s okay to be by yourself so you can focus on you and really concentrate on what it is you don’t want and understand what you do want and figuring out who you are at the core. And sometimes that takes removing certain negative energies.”

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We can definitely understand and appreciate that sentiment. Mýa’s currently eating vegetarian again and getting ready to go full-on vegan. So, she’s spent a lot of time pushing her body to the limits in an effort to find her best self. But has she been working? Should we expect some new music soon? Oh, yes. Mýa has not one but two EPs available exclusively on her website,, and at concerts. And, since her brother was nice enough to build a studio in her home, she’s also working on her next full album. She’s keeping mum about the details, only saying that she’s working with some pretty cool musicians/producers. We’re excited nonetheless.

“I want my fans to feel liberated when they listen to my music,” Mýa said when we asked what she hoped fans would get from the new EPs and upcoming album. “And feel. Whether that is dancing, whether that is an emotion that they might not necessarily be comfortable tapping into and letting the tears flow or feeling uplifted and elevated, empowered. All of those things. But fun, too.”

Aside from a new album, what’s in store for the future of Mýa? Watch our entire interview above to hear what she has to say about whether her future involves marriage or kids.

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