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George Clooney’s villa robbed by thief with a thirst for wine

George Clooney has become the latest celebrity victim to have his house robbed, but the intruder didn’t get away with much — only a bottle of wine!

This is not the first time a celebrity house has been burgled, but it’s certainly one of the more bizarre stories. George Clooney has become the latest celebrity victim to have an intruder on his property, but the culprit only got away with only one thing… a bottle of wine.

The Monuments Men star‘s estate on the shores of Lake Como in Italy was targeted by a pesky thief on Thursday, May 22.

According to the Telegraph, a man was spotted roaming around the actor’s property. However, the thief didn’t get very far and only ended up getting his hands on a bottle of wine — but we can only imagine how costly Clooney’s wine collection must be.

“The alleged burglar, a 29-year-old Romanian man, found the wine in a small alcove in the garden of the lakeside property and then tried to force his way into the villa,” The Telegraph reports.

According to the newspaper and luckily for Clooney, the man was spotted by one of his staff, who then alerted the Italian police. In an attempt to escape, the man allegedly threatened the police with the wine bottle but was overpowered and arrested before later being charged with theft.

So where was the 53-year-old star while all this commotion was going on at his home?

Clooney has better things to do than worry about wine thieves because he’s been enjoying spending time with his beautiful British fiancée Amal Alamuddin in London, England. Although, there is speculation that Clooney and Alamuddin will exchange vows at the luxury villa in September — he may have to tighten up on security first, though!

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