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For the final time: Maks Chmerkovskiy isn’t dating Meryl Davis

We have an answer! After months of speculation, Meryl Davis admits she’s not dating Maks Chmerkovskiy.

For all of the Dancing with the Stars fans who were hoping that a Maks Chmerkovskiy romance with Meryl Davis was going to happen, it’s just not true. It finally took straight-shooter Wendy Williams to get the inside scoop.

The talk show host had the winning duo on her show on Thursday. Williams got right to the point and asked, “So what’s going on? Are you guys smushing?”

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The bad boy of DWTS answered, “I spend so much time in the studio, I have no idea what that means.”

The daytime diva pressed on, “Are you having sex? Are y’all boyfriend and girlfriend, or lovers or anything?”

Davis finally gave the answer everyone had been waiting for throughout Season 18, “We’re not dating, no.”

Williams tried really hard to find out if the Olympic gold medalist was dating anyone else, but Davis shut her right down, “We like to keep the personal lives personal.”

There you have it. No romance, but the couple came away with the mirror ball trophy that Chmerkovskiy had coveted for so long.

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It’s unclear whether the dance pro will return for Season 19, but he has expressed an interest in replacing judge Len Goodman if the retirement rumors turn out to be true.

He summed up, “Spending 30 years in an industry — I think I’ve done a little bit in it, I know what I’m talking about… unlike some of the guest judges we’ve had this season.”

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