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Former Disney Channel star reportedly kidnaps her kids

Former Sonny With a Chance star, Tiffany Thornton, has some explaining to do. Why did she take her kids away from her husband?

Did she kidnap her kids or was she taking her kids to safety? TMZ is reporting that former Disney Channel star, Tiffany Thornton, has taken her two sons without permission, according to her husband, Chris Carney.

The musician has filed a child-stealing report with the Los Angeles Police Department claiming that the Sonny With a Chance actress has taken off with their children. He also said his mother and the mayor of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Ruth Carney, aided his wife in stealing the boys.

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Carney reportedly told the cops that his wife is suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to their second son, Bentley, on March 1. Their other son, Kenneth, is 20 months old.

Thornton’s husband also thinks that her religious views might have something to do with the removal of the boys from his house. She is a woman of faith and he is not religious.

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Thornton’s rep was quick to clear the air about the rumors with Us Weekly.

They said, “Mr. Carney’s claims are false and are being dealt with in the proper forum. The fact that Mr. Carney has chosen to contact the media to publicize these claims raises serious concerns for Ms. Thornton, who does not believe that Mr. Carney’s desire for media attention is in the best interest of the parties two young children.”

Let’s hope the family resolves the issue quickly and out of the public eye.

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