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Modern Family Season 6: Where will they go from here?

Mitch and Cam finally tied the knot, but the ceremony didn’t come without challenges. Plus, there may have been another love connection at the wedding. We take a look at the Modern Family Season 5 finale and what might happen in Season 6.

If you got through the Modern Family Season 5 finale without shedding a tear, then you are made of much stronger stuff than we are.

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The episode, “The Wedding: Part 2,” finally saw Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) walk down the aisle to become husband and husband — but not without a lot of hiccups along the way. First there was a fire at their wedding venue, then they moved to another location that had been conveniently abandoned, thanks to a runaway bride. But the runaway bride and her family came back, so Mitch and Cam had to move the entire wedding party to their house.

By then, it looked like Mitch and Cam were never going to get the wedding of their dreams, but they were willing to accept it because they loved each other. Then a miracle happened. Jay (Ed O’Neill) came out of the crowd of people and announced that his son and fiancé were going to get the wedding they’ve always wanted. The tears fell hard when Jay took the entire ceremony to his country club and proudly announced that it was his son’s wedding day. All of the awkwardness between father and son dissipated and soon Jay was walking Mitch down the aisle with Gloria (Sofia Vergara), while Cam’s parents escorted him down next. It was the moment fans had been waiting for and it did not disappoint.

It was also a moment that sent a loving message out to the world.

“We hope it creates a conversation with viewers and also their families and friends to see that Mitch and Cam are just like everyone else,” Stonestreet told The Hollywood Reporter after a special screening of the finale earlier this week.

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“It’s the evolution of a gay couple that at the end of it you forget that they’re gay,” Ferguson said at the same event. The actor celebrated his own happiness when he married partner Justin Mikita last July. “I think that when a lot of people watch the wedding episode, they’re going to see it as a marriage between two people that they care very much about and forget that it is a wedding between two men specifically.”

In addition to Mitch and Cam’s wonderful moment, there was something else that happened in the finale that might lead to even more love in Season 6. Haley (Sarah Hyland) finally told Andy that she didn’t think he should go back to his old girlfriend. She admitted that she knew what Beth was like because she was just like Beth and always gave less in a relationship than she was given. It seemed like Haley might be thinking about being with Andy herself, but she got cold feet when Alex (Ariel Winter) warned her to be careful with Andy’s heart if she wasn’t ready to commit.

In the end, Andy drove off and Haley was left alone, but the romantic in us can’t help but to think there’s no way that’s the end of the story. We predict that Season 6 will see Haley deciding to open her heart to Andy and we can’t wait to see how their love unfolds.

We also wonder about Mitch and Cam now that they’ve officially tied the knot. They once talked about adopting a baby boy, but put it aside when things got complicated. But now that they are married, maybe it’s time for them to revisit that idea. How great would it be for Joe to have a new little nephew to play with?

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Another person we’d like to see romantically tied up in Season 6 is Alex. Her speech to Haley about not breaking Andy’s heart was very touching because she was also talking about herself and how she had had her own heart broken. It would be great if Alex found someone to care for her gentle heart.

What did you think of the Modern Family Season 5 finale? What would you like to see happen in Season 6?

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