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Jennifer Lawrence’s rape joke outrages many, but not all

Jennifer Lawrence’s “rape scream” wisecrack is not being well received by many of her fans, but not everyone sees the problem with the star’s choice of words.

Jennifer Lawrence is well-known for saying whatever happens to pop into her head, but perhaps it’s time the Oscar-winning actress tightens her filter down at least a smidgen.

The controversy surrounding the star of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 began at a Vanity Fair industry party, during which the celebrated beauty spotted Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón. She then reportedly started screaming, approached him and cracked, “I broke out my rape scream for you!”

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Despite Lawrence likely not realizing her off-the-cuff remark would make headlines, many are calling for an apology.

“Jennifer lawrence can joke about her ‘lack of filter’ all she wants but that doesn’t excuse a rape joke. I just dont get it??” one perplexed fan wrote. Another vented, “Jennifer lawrence makes a rape joke and everyone seemed okay with it because it’s Jennifer Lawrence? IT’S NEVER OKAY.”

A third person added, “The people defending Jennifer Lawrence’s rape joke makes me lose my faith in humanity.”

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Yes, there are some that don’t think the boozy star‘s rape scream comment needs to be forgiven. A Twitter account called Stop Apologizing USA wrote Thursday, “Saying ‘I broke out my rape scream for you’ is not making light of rape. What don’t people get about that #JenniferLawrence.”

Tweeting a link to a related article, another person wrote, “his PC bulls*** needs to stop before we all have to have our mouths sewn shut.”

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence ought to apologize for her rape comment?

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