VIDEO: Alessandra Ambrosio gives the secret to a bangin' butt

May 21, 2014 at 7:38 p.m. ET

Alessandra Ambrosio lets us know how to get the perfect booty, but like most things, it doesn't come easy.

Even supermodels have imperfections and Alessandra Ambrosio is no exception. The smokin' hot Victoria's Secret model recently let Self magazine know that even she is occasionally plagued by cellulite, and clued us in on what she does to get rid of it.

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When she does get the unwelcome extra baggage on her bum, Ambrosio says she battles it with stairs — lots of stairs. The model say she runs the Santa Monica steps four to six times at least once a week. On top of that, Ambrosio also adds on 5-pound ankle weights, gets on all fours and does some serious kick-backs. After three sets of 20, she then does three sets of 20 fire hydrants to keep her booty in fighting shape.

It's pretty hard to believe that the gaggle of women known as the Victoria's Secret Angels have any insecurities. They are, after all, revered by contemporary society as perfect, right? But it seems that even they battle with self-confidence issues from time to time. "It's a lot of pressure being, like, barely with clothes on the runway," fellow Angel, Doutzen Kroes, said to Confidenti@l in 2012. "I think every woman has insecurities. Even us," Isabeli Fontana added. "People say, 'Oh they're so skinny,' or they're this or they're that. But nobody's perfect."

Still, Ambrosio manages to look fab at times when most people can't. For example, she pulled one over on the world in 2011 when she took to the runway while pregnant. "When I first found out I was pregnant I thought, 'Oh my gosh, I don't think I'm going to be able to walk on the show,'" she told Us Weekly. "I didn't tell anybody so no one knew at the show that I was pregnant." She also continued to look amazing through her third trimester of that pregnancy by sustaining exercise and doing yoga.

However, looks aren't everything, according to the model. "A perfect butt doesn't make an amazing person. It's about feeling confident," Ambrosio told Self.