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Who’s hotter: James Franco vs. Dave Franco

In the ultimate example of sibling rivalry, we pit three pairs of super-handsome celebrity brothers against each other. So, tell us… who’s hotter?

James Franco vs. Dave Franco

How you know him

James: Although James has been making far more headlines lately for nude selfies and other odd behavior, he’s still an in-demand actor, thanks to his fantastic turns in films like Milk and 127 Hours. If you’ve been craving more of this brainy entertainer, don’t fret — he’s got more than 10 movies in post-production.

Dave: Dave didn’t land his first television appearance until 2006, when he got the part of Benjamin Bainsworth on 7th Heaven. He really broke out, however, when he landed the recurring role of rich doctor Cole Aaronson in Scrubs. That led to super-memorable turns in big films like 21 Jump Street, Warm Bodies and Neighbors.

Why we love him

James: In a nutshell, he’s kind of brilliant. First of all, his comedic chops are hard to beat. Did you watch Pineapple Express? He was seriously hilarious as weed-slinger Saul. But he’s got more than wit — say, for example, a bachelor’s degree, three master’s degrees and a Ph.D.-in-progress from Yale University.

Dave: Aside from the obvious fact that he is cute, cute, cute, we suspect Dave is just a super fun guy. He has created (and starred in) several skits for Funny or Die, and his “weirdly sexual” videos always crack us up. Plus, unlike his brother, he doesn’t seem totally fixated on social media — he doesn’t even have a Twitter account.



1. When he was in high school, James was arrested for shoplifting cologne from a department store.

2. He got a private pilot’s license while preparing for his role in 2006’s Flyboys.

3. His first book of poetry, Directing Herbert White, was published this April by Graywolf Press.


1. He admits that sometimes he wishes he looked his “damn age” so he wouldn’t have to play high school characters anymore.

2. Like James, Dave is a budding poet — his work has been published in Teen People Magazine.

3. He clearly respects his big brothers. “My apartment is littered with both of my brothers’ artwork,” he said. “Those are the most meaningful objects that I own.” Aww!

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