#NoKidsPolicy: Scary celeb stories that prove it’s overdue

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s campaign urging people to stop supporting publications that run unauthorized pics of celebrity kids is gaining major momentum. We’re proud to support the #NoKidsPolicy, and these creepy celebrity stories prove the paparazzi have no place around children.

The stalkerazzi strike again

Dax Shepard and Kristen BellPhoto credit: Nikki Nelson/WENN

As the driving forces behind the No Kids Policy, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard likely have plenty of stories of the paparazzi overstepping their boundaries in regards to the famous couple’s 14-month-old daughter Lincoln. Shepard shared one in particular in a guest blog on The Huffington Post, describing the time a paparazzo followed the family to a friend’s house in a “tiny, nondescript neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley.” Without Shepard and Bell’s knowledge, the creepy cameraman hunkered down outside of the friend’s house, watching the family and taking pictures of baby Lincoln as they left. “This broke my heart in a way that’s not entirely reasonable,” Shepard wrote. “I had charged myself, as her dad, with protecting her. I personally believe, and I understand a lot of people differ on this point, that protecting her includes keeping her life private until the moment she decides otherwise. I think she is entitled to that. I think every minor is entitled to that.”

Shutterbugs infest the schoolyard

Nicole Richie and Joel MaddenPhoto credit: Ryan/WENN

In 2010, mother-of-two Nicole Richie took to her blog in an outrage when the paparazzi group X17 posted pictures of her with her young children at the kids’ school. “THANK YOU so much for posting the video of your employees sitting outside of my daughter’s school, because now the entire world can see how creepy and disgusting you are,” the star began in defense of her and Joel Madden’s kids. “You do not get to spend 200 dollars on a camera, and think that gives you a free pass to shadow my child. These are strangers, grown men, stalking young children. You think that’s ok?” Clearly, Richie was shaken by the situation, and understandably so. Her final words for the paparazzi painted a disturbing picture. “Here’s a better visual: Pulling up to school and seeing grown men slouched in black windowed cars outside of a preschool, all day,” she said. “I’m not even there, so you cannot say you are following me as you always do. You are stalking the children. Now how do you feel?”

Wait, they said what to a 7-year-old?

Katie HolmesPhoto credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN

Poor little Suri Cruise is one of the paparazzi’s most favorite celebrity kids to follow. Since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise introduced the dark-haired beauty to the world, shutterbugs have been ambushing her at every turn. And an alarming instance caught on camera proves just how aggressive the paparazzi can be with celebrity offspring. Last July, Holmes and Suri were in New York City, New York, simply trying to make their way to their car when the paparazzi swarmed them. Holmes kept her composure, but little Suri was obviously upset. She tells the paparazzi they are just trying to get to their car and even asks them nicely to move before growing visibly agitated. When she finally makes it to the car and gets in, one particular paparazzo taunts, “Goodbye, Suri, you little brat.” When another paparazzo chides him, he calls Suri a brat again — along with an expletive.

“That close” is too close

Jennifer Garner and Ben AffleckPhoto credit: WENN

As half of one of Hollywood’s most adorable parenting duos, Ben Affleck can often be seen out and about with his three kids — and generally, he and wife Jennifer Garner are known for being pretty chill when it comes to the paparazzi. However, the award-winning director and actor drew the line last March when a crop of “menacing” paparazzi surrounded him and his 5-year-old daughter, Seraphina, outside of her school. A source in Affleck’s camp told Us Weekly that these particularly aggressive paparazzi were “all over” the little girl, who became upset and asked them to leave her alone. Affleck asked them several times to back off and even used his leg to show them how much space he needed. The cameramen creepily responded that they needed to be “that close,” and continued to crowd Seraphina, even yelling at the young girl.


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