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EXCLUSIVE: Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland on the finale’s gasp-worthy moments & unanswered questions

Just how “controversial” can a Modern Family wedding get? Sarah Hyland prefers the term “progressive” and promises it will be that and more.

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Just hours before the Modern Family season finale, SheKnows chatted with breakout star, Sarah Hyland, about what we can expect from tonight’s episode and, in particular, Cam and Mitchell’s big day. Will the wedding go off without a hitch? It doesn’t sound like it. However, Hyland thinks there’s an important lesson to be learned tonight.

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“I can’t say who, but there will definitely be a gasp,” Hyland said of the episode, when we asked if we should expect any unresolved issues when the show closes.

Gasps or not, it’s still a wedding episode and Hyland promised we’ll get all the sweetness and romance that comes with such an occasion.

“It’s a beautiful episode,” said Hyland. “I think everybody — and when I say everybody, I really mean everybody — will really love it. It’s beautiful. It’s progressive.”

Modern Family is certainly progressive. While it continues to have a large and loving fan base, there are plenty of naysayers in America who are less than on board with the show. As Hyland pointed out, nothing about Cam and Mitch’s relationship should be controversial. Sadly, though, it is. Hyland thinks the writers handle the situations well. Modern Family has mastered the art of being progressive without being controversial.

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“I think the greatest part about our show is that it’s very progressive without us trying to be,” Hyland began. “We’re just portraying something that would happen in these people’s lives. And our writers decided that Cam and Mitch wouldn’t get married until it was legal in California because that’s how it would be for them.”

Added to the realness of the show is the fact that so many lifestyles and viewpoints are observed and given a voice. Yes, there is a gay couple. But, obviously, heterosexual couples still exist, as well, and Modern Family represents those, too.

“The greatest thing about it is that you have everybody’s point of views,” explained Hyland. “So the people who are apprehensive about gay marriage, they have Jay on the show, who asks the questions that they would ask and to kind of represent them not in an extreme way, but at least the confused, close-mindedness.”

Where will Jay stand by the end of this very special wedding episode? There’s only one way to find out. Modern Family‘s season finale airs at 9/8c on ABC.

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