VIDEO: Jay Leno compares Sultan of Brunei to Donald Sterling

Jay Leno showed up to a rally Monday to speak out against the Beverly Hills Hotel and their connection to a man who instated an anti-gay law in Brunei.

Jay Leno has a lot of free time on his hands after retiring earlier this year, and he is spending it helping causes he is passionate about. The former Tonight Show host showed up at a rally on Monday, May 19 to protest an anti-gay law in Brunei.

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“Evil flourishes when good people do nothing,” he said at the rally.

The Sultan of Brunei implemented the new law, which would allow stoning of any gay or lesbian people, and public flogging of women who have had an abortion, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The rally, which was staged by the Feminist Majority Foundation, was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel because it has ties to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

“What year is it? 1814? Come on people; it’s 2014,” he said. “People are being kidnapped and sold and we all just kind of sit around here, going ‘OK.'”

“We want the word to get out, that’s the reason for this,” said Feminist Majority Foundation president, Eleanor Smeal. “We want people to become aware of this outrageous and barbaric penal code, and that it should change. That’s reality.”

The organization had planned to hold their Global Women’s Right Awards at the hotel, but pulled out when they learned of the law. Leno is co-chair for the awards and his wife, Mavis, sits on the board of the Feminist Majority Foundation. It looks like the group is already planning a bigger protest of the hotel in February the night before the Oscars.

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Representatives for the hotel apparently stationed themselves outside and offered refreshments to the protesters. But Leno was clear that he felt the new law was similar to another recent scandal in southern California.

“Let’s face it: The people in the Beverly Hills Hotel are the Clippers,” Leno said at the press conference. “The Sultan of Brunei is Donald Sterling.”

Watch his full speech here: