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Supernatural finale: Dean finds his true inner demon

The last moments of the Supernatural Season 9 finale showed Dean in a whole new light. What will he be like in Season 10? Has Crowley gotten himself a new best bud? What will Sam do? So many questions to ponder.

Last summer, I contemplated things that Dean could do in Supernatural Season 9. Halfway through the season one of my wishes came true when Dean accepted the Mark of Cain and got his own story.

One thing I never dared to put on my wish list was something I’ve actually been hoping to see ever since we saw Dean’s eyes flash black at the end of Season 3’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” Over the past nine seasons, we’ve seen every version of Sam imaginable and it’s been a blast watching Jared Padalecki play Sam as other characters, especially when he has been a demon.

Hello, demon Dean

The hardcore Dean-lover in me wanted to see Jensen Ackles get the chance to do the same thing and to play Dean as something — or someone — else. I was even hoping that he would allow Michael to take over his body, I was so desperate to see Ackles wrap his considerable acting chops around playing another character in Dean’s body. All these years it never happened.

Until the end of the Season 9 finale.

Granted, all we got was about one second of Dean opening his black, demon eyes but it was enough to send me into giddy hysterics. Thanks to the Mark of Cain, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) was able to bring Dean back from death with the help of the First Blade. But as Crowley said when he was pulling Dean back from death’s clutches, he will be opening his eyes to a new kind of life.

Dean and Crowley: BFFs forever?

There are about a million questions to ask now that Dean has been resurrected as a demon. One of the biggest ones is what kind of man (or demon) will he be when he wakes up? Will he be a true demon with nothing but evil tendencies? Or will Dean retain his memories, much like he did when he was turned into a vampire, and want nothing more than to find a way to kill himself for the good of everyone he cares about?

Another question I can’t help but ponder is how this might change Dean’s relationship with Crowley. Sam joked in the finale that Dean and Crowley had been “bromancing” ever since Dean accepted the Mark of Cain. I definitely agree with that assessment and I think that it’s possible that Crowley has just found himself a new best friend. Crowley and Dean had already formed a rather unusual bond, but there was always a distance between them due to Dean’s humanity and Crowley being a demon. When Crowley was asking Dean to wake up, I felt some desire from him — as if he couldn’t wait to have a new companion.

And now I can’t help but imagine Crowley and Dean riding across the country together in the Impala, wreaking havoc wherever they go. That would definitely make for one interesting Season 10 opener.

What did you think of Dean’s new demon status in the Supernatural Season 9 finale?

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