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VIDEO: OMG! What’s really happening with Kimye’s wedding?

OK, seriously. What is actually happening with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding plans? All these changes are giving us a headache.

In Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s bid to keep their wedding a private affair, they have certainly managed to create some confusion, let imaginations run wild and cause a bit of a media frenzy!

We have heard they were first headed to Paris to tie the knot, and then rumors surfaced that the couple had already exchanged vows stateside — that was until the 33-year-old reality star denied those rumors herself.

Then came another change in the wedding’s destination — in what is quickly becoming the most anticipated celebrity event of the year — and Kimye were set to wed in Italy. West dropped some pretty heavy hints to Florence’s La Nazione newspaper that suggested the lavish affair would be taking place there since it’s also the place where North West was conceived.

As for the wedding dress, there are rumors the reality TV star will don a Vera Wang wedding gown for her highly anticipated nuptials, and even more rumors suggest Victoria Beckham apparently said no to making Kardashian’s gown.

Oh, and Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend and sex tape partner in crime Ray J has reportedly been so kind to offer her and Kanye a wedding gift, and not just any wedding gift but four months’ profit from this year for their sex tape. The amount: $47,000. How charming! (but also slightly hilarious).

However, it’s not like the couple will need Ray J’s gift. It’s being reported they will bank more than $20 million for publishing and photography rights. Yowza!

And now, the wedding is headed back to France although Kimye are rumored to not be distinguished enough for Versailles… so what’s really going on? All this back and forward motion is giving us a headache! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens this Saturday!

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