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Lady Gaga may want marriage and babies someday

It turns out Lady Gaga is just a normal human being, and she is opening up about having a family someday.

Lady Gaga has a larger than life personality, but when it comes down to it, she is just like the rest of us. The singer opened up about her life and what she does when she isn’t Gaga.

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“I do all sorts of normal things, probably the same as everyone,” Lady Gaga told Extra. “I go see my family. I go to my dad’s restaurant in New York. I have a new puppy. I play with her.”

The singer’s new friend, her bulldog, Asia (aka Batpig), gives her a change from the crazy life of being on tour. She said, “I always feed her. I sleep with her every night. I take her out to go to the potty,” Gaga said. “It’s really sweet because she’s like my little friend.”

The puppy may be practice for Gaga’s future — the singer talked about whether she can see herself married with kids someday. She has been dating actor, Taylor Kinney, for years, and when asked if she plans to settle down, she said, “In five years I could be. Who’s to say, really? I don’t have my life planned out in that way. I’m actually more than ever to really truly live in the moment and just enjoy this time right now.”

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Lady Gaga had to cancel her Born This Way tour last year due to an injured hip, and she is happy to be back out there. She said she worked hard to be able to go out on the road again.

“It did take a long time. It took longer than I had anticipated,” Gaga said. “And yet I was able to get through some things pretty soon after. I would say six months after the surgery I was able to dance, but it’s every day I have to do a totally different thing with my body than I used to to keep it really healthy, but it feels really good.”

Lady Gaga is out on the road now for her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour, which continues worldwide through November.

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