Pat Sajak’s Twitter is full of craziness to get you buzzing

Pat Sajak’s Twitter feed is chock-full of “Did he really just say that?” bits to chew on, and it seems the Wheel of Fortune host is stirring up trouble simply for the sake of his own amusement.

Pat Sajak is doing his very best to keep things interesting on Twitter. The Wheel of Fortune host has taken to posting some controversial messages about global warming alarmists and beyond, apparently in an effort to get people riled up and keep himself entertained.

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Kicking off the oddness, the 67-year-old former weatherman tweeted this message Monday:
On Tuesday he added:
It’s worth noting Sajak isn’t even a little bit sorry about the drama he’s started. Tweeting Tuesday afternoon, he explained, “Sometimes it’s fun to poke a stick in a hornets’ nest just to hear the buzzing.”

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This isn’t the only time in recent weeks Pat Sajak’s Twitter feed has caused a small uproar. In April, the longtime host offended many by “coming out” as straight. On the 18th he wrote, “Damn the career consequences! I’m hereby proclaiming my heterosexuality!”

While a few folks thought it was a gesture meant to prove the point that sexual orientation matters so little no announcement is necessary, others were upset.

One person tweeted in response, “Name one person who got fired for being straight or denied marriage or housing for being straight,” while a second didn’t hold back any punches, writing sarcastically, “Gee, thanks for making a joke out of something that took me years to do and cost me family members and friends. Buy a vowel. D_CK.”

What do you make of Pat Sajak’s Twitter ramblings?


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