VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon, Terry Crews in oily nip-synch battle

May 20, 2014 at 3:34 p.m. ET
Image: Ivan Nikolov/

Jimmy Fallon battled it out with Terry Crews in a hilarious and weird nip-synch battle with oily pecs.

Battling it out for the best pecs, Jimmy Fallon and Terry Crews went all out in a very strange and oily nip-synch competition.

Trying to upstage his legendary lip-synch competitions, Fallon went for a whole new angle with a battle of the pecs instead. The host and his guest, actor and former athlete Terry Crews, stood shirtless next to each other as they lip-synched while their pecs nip-synched at the same time.

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Crews was the clear and obvious winner, although Fallon's body wasn't even his own. The late-night funny man had his head imposed on a far more muscular body than his own for the hilarious duet.

The contest — which was inspired by a scene in Crews' new movie Blended in which he does a pectoral chest dance — had both men performing to Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder's hit "Ebony and Ivory." Trying to keep straight faces, the pair goes on singing as their pectorals take turns flexing up and down to the melody.

The 45-year-old former NFL player looked totally buff and was far more talented at pec-dancing than his opponent's body-double counterpart. Fallon's stand-in could hold his own, but had no chance against Crews' amazing pectoral choreography.

Meanwhile, Fallon did all he could not to bust out laughing at the very bizarre display of nuttiness. Not only that, but as the duo did their thing, Fallon's head moved slightly away from "his" body when he looked sideways trying not to smirk.

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In the studio, Fallon was actually standing fully clothed in his suit with a green screen behind him, while the audience could see him on a large TV screen with the body double imposed. However, viewers at home only got the full green-screen image with both men showing "their" chests.

You can check the not-to-be-missed oddball nip-synching clip in the video below.