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PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan parties in Cannes after lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan is celebrating her leggings lawsuit settlement with a fabulous trip to the Cannes Film Festival — despite the fact she doesn’t actually have a film to promote.

Fresh off a victory in that pesky leggings lawsuit, Lindsay Lohan is livin’ la vida Lohan on the sunny shores of the south of France at the Cannes Film Festival.

Lohan has been posting pic after pic on her Instagram, showing a parade of designer outfits, private jets, helicopter rides and yacht parties — no doubt funded at least in part by a benevolent benefactor with the help of a hefty settlement in a lawsuit over her line of leggings.

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Lohan claimed that D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries failed to pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing fees for her 6126 brand of leggings, but the company countersued, saying Lohan’s reputation made the product impossible to market.

D.N.A.M. wanted to force Lohan to respond to questions about the miscarriage she claimed to have suffered while filming her reality show for OWN, but the reported $150,000 settlement puts an end to that.

Time to celebrate! And she certainly does look like she’s living it up, according to her recent Instagram photos.

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