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Robert Pattinson destroys fans’ dreams of another Twilight film

Sorry, Twilight fans. Robert Pattinson says no to ever reprising his role as the moody, sparkly vampire Edward Cullen. Why? Because he’s too old, he says.

Robert Pattinson still has a Twilight cult following, and fans loved the British actor in his role as the charming vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight film franchise. However, they may be disappointed to know that Pattinson will never reprise his role as a sparkly vampire, but why?

“I couldn’t do another Twilight movie. I’m too old,” Pattinson revealed to Variety during a short interview at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Sunday.

This news has no doubt shattered Team Cullen’s fans’ hopes that there could perhaps, one day, have been another Twilight movie made. However, it appears their beloved saga is now well and truly over, but Pattinson admits he was not prepared for the success of the franchise.

“No one thought it was going to be a big deal,” the 28-year-old star continued. “We thought it was going to be like Thirteen.”

However, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight franchise blew up and became one of the most popular household names and gave Pattinson instant star status. However, four films (New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn: Parts 1 and 2) are at the end of the road — much like his relationship with former co-star and girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

So what movies can we hope to see Pattinson star in in the future?

He prefers more serious and dramatic roles these days, including David Cronenberg’s dramas Maps to the Stars and Cosmopolis. And we’ll also be fortunate enough to see Pattinson on-screen again shortly in his new movie The Rover — directed by David Michôd — which debuted at Cannes over the weekend.

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