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PHOTO: Under the Dome Season 2 looks even more magnetic

We’re not sure what to make of the new Under the Dome photo other than to say it looks like things in Season 2 are only going to get stranger.

It looks like Season 2 of the CBS hit show Under the Dome plans to follow along in true Stephen King fashion by taking the weirdness up a notch in the upcoming episodes. Under the Dome producers were on hand at the CBS Summer Press Day to talk about the sophomore season of their breakout sci-fi drama that is based on the novel of the same name by King. Though we still have more than a month before we see the return of the show, which will premiere on CBS on Monday, June 30, at 10/9c, producers are spilling some freaky deets on what’s in store.

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The first big piece of news is the above image, which was just released. It looks like now, instead of just reacting to metal in direct contact, the dome will be attracting metal. From stoves to bicycles, the town’s metal is now stuck like stickers to the dome. Aside from flying hazards, it also means something really big for our characters: No appliances, no technology. If the people of the dome thought survival was difficult last season, now they’re really going to discover some hardships.

“Last year was a season of secrets. This is a year where we will find out what they’re truly made of,” executive producer Neal Baer said during the press day.

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Well, we know two characters won’t be up to snuff since producers also teased that two beloved characters will perish this season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As if we hadn’t seen enough death in Season 1, it looks like the hits will keep on coming. But, as what seems to be the case with so many shows these days, just because these characters are dead doesn’t mean we won’t see them again.

And the potential deaths aren’t limited to Season 2. Despite the fact that the show was initially sold as a short-run production, due to the popularity, the season potential is now limitless. Baer said though the show has already passed the book, which only takes place over the span of about a week, the series has many more stories to tell. Thanks to Stephen King’s heavy involvement in the show — he wrote the first episode of Season 2 — the series may be branching away from the book, but not from the mastermind behind the story, which I think we can all appreciate.

Will you be watching Season 2 of Under the Dome?

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