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Sandra Bullock’s commencement speech advice is awesome

Sandra Bullock has gained a bit of wisdom since becoming a mom that she’s happy to impart on another generation. During a surprise graduation appearance, the star shared some stellar words of advice.

Sandra Bullock as a surprise graduation gift? The Warren Easton Charter High School class of 2014 certainly isn’t complaining.

Making an unadvertised appearance at the Lakefront Arena at the University of New Orleans on Monday, May 19, the celebrated actress and proud mother imparted her best advice to those about to move on from their high school days.

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The mother of Louis Bullock, who has been known to drop a curse word on stage, was on her best behavior, sharing some of the wisdom she’s gained during her 49 years of existence.

“You know at Warren Easton, you are loved and appreciated and supported for what you have to offer,” she told 200 cap-and-gown-clad grads. “I was trying to remember my graduation and, oddly, I couldn’t remember anything. I remembered how good I looked and then I went back and looked at pictures and I really didn’t look so good. I didn’t remember anything, because I was so worried about the future.”

Imparting further advice, Bullock shared, “I wished someone had said to me what I’ve been spending the last four years telling a little boy, who I love more than anything, who happens to be my son. So I thought, ‘Maybe I will share that with you guys,’ that what I tell a 4-year-old is what I wish someone had told me before I stepped out into the world.

“The first thing is stop worrying so much,” she began. Secondly, she advised all those listening to “raise the bar higher.” She added, “It is noisy out there and for some reason, people want to see you fail. That’s not your problem, that is their problem. I only remember the moments where I tried beyond what I thought I could do and I do not remember the failures because I didn’t. Nothing’s a failure, it’s just not supposed to work out that way because something better is supposed to come along.”

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Her final semi-serious bit? Bullock told the grads, “The third thing we work on [is] at home is in the morning. We turn on the music really really loud before we leave the house. And the rule is, you have to dance a little bit before you step out in the world, because it changes the way you walk.”

Additional funny pieces of advice from the woman who knows better than to google herself included eating “something green every day with every meal” and “do not pick your nose in public.”

Concluding, Bullock told everyone to “go find your joy. It’s what you’re going to remember in the end. It’s not the worry, it’s not the what-ifs. It’s the joy that stays with you. I want to thank you for the joy that Warren Easton brings me every day.”

What do you think of Sandra Bullock’s commencement advice?

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