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The Bachelorette review: Best and worst premiere moments

The Bachelorette premiere provided all sorts of talk-able moments: a party crasher, cookies and man tears all on night one? Yup, this season’s shaping up nicely.

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Premiere night of The Bachelorette is always a spectacle — so much testosterone — and Andi Dorfman wasn’t spared a single cliché moment. Aside from being showered with attention, the new leading lady also got a taste of the drama she’ll be tasked with dealing with for the next few months. And while there were some moments we loved, there were others that really made us cringe.

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Best moments

Marquel feeds her cookies. He’s so excited to show her the different varieties and have her experience each one that we could get past his corny “look to the cookie” moment. He was trying to bring something fun and different into the mix and he succeeded, mostly.

Andi loves her men. The bachelorette really stole the show tonight with her charm and her grace. She clearly made the best of night one and had so much fun in the process. Her laid-back attitude, coupled with her willingness to jump in and go with the flow was a clear indicator of the fun feel this season will have.

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Andi bonds with Nick V. and gives him the first impression rose. He seemed so genuinely taken with her and the moment that it was hard not to fall in love with the guy. It was so precious and quite the contrast to Sharleen last season who seemed so taken aback by the whole situation. Nick V. was really refreshing.

Worst moments

Jason, the urgent care physician, “checks” Andi out and diagnoses her as hot. Creepy and cheesy.

Emil tells Andi his name is pronounced like “anal with an ‘m.'” Uh… silence… Uh, not the line to lead with, buddy.

Chris from Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette crashes night one, trying to gain Andi’s attention, but Andi refuses to see him. So, so awkward. And he’s trying really hard. Really hard. I don’t even think she knows who he is when Chris Harrison mentions his name. Ouch!

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Our favorites

Marcus: He’s so good looking, at least keep him around for us to look at a little while longer.

Josh M.: He and Andi obviously have chemistry, though she seems a bit skeptical. Can she get past her hesitant nature?

Eric: Knowing that Eric has passed away breaks our heart because he seems like such a keeper. Those dolls he gives Andi upon their first introduction almost had me in tears. Rest in peace.

Marquel: He brings a good energy to the show and really seems interested in getting to know Andi better. At least, that’s how he appears in the premiere. From the looks of the season, Marquel gets himself involved in some drama.

Who went home

At the end of the night, Andi says goodbye to Steven, Mike, Rudie, Josh B., Jason and Emil. Moral of the story: Fabio-esque hair is out. Oh, and don’t explain how to pronounce your name by referring to certain body parts, thank you very much.

What did you think of The Bachelorette premiere? Did Andi send the right guys home?

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