INTERVIEW: T. Mills on fan attacks in Brazil & what's to come

May 21, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Costa Mesa, California, surely loves their homeboy rapper, T. Mills, but do they love him as much as his fans in Brazil? From what he tells us, it seems unlikely. Brazilian girls are crazy for Mills. And who could blame them? From an internet sensation to a performer on the cusp of releasing his major record label debut, Mills is going far. You know, like into the studio with the legendary Dr. Luke. Mills has a lot going on right now, but he still found time to stop by SheKnows HQ and give us the scoop.

As he's rocketed to success, Mills' fame has continued to multiply. With big success, of course, comes crazy fan stories, so we were dying to know his. It turns out, his most crazy fans aren't even Americans. His most intense fan moment came when he was bombarded at a Brazillian airport. Yikes!

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"That was probably the coolest-slash-frightening experience just because of how intense everyone was," Mills explained. "So we landed in the airport and there's, like, 5-600 people just waiting for us to get off the plane. And I had my headphones on, my hat on and my sunglasses. It was like a 14-hour flight and so I was like, 'No. I wanna say hi to people when I walk out.' So we have all these security guards and they started to walk us out. And, I have a video of it. But, literally, I walked for 5 seconds. I said hi to two people, I give someone a high-five and then everyone just swarms. They took my hat. They took my sunglasses. They took my headphones. They tried to take my passport out of my back pocket!"

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The insanity didn't end there. Security got a quasi-handle on things and ushered Mills to the van while fans trampled each other and, apparently, shoes flew through the air. They finally got him into the van and safe when the back doors burst open and fans began trying to climb into the back of the van. As the van tried to leave, girls clung to the windshield like something out of a movie.

Brazil may have been the craziest place Mills has been, but he surprised us with his favorite spot. After touring the globe, Mills has been to some pretty awesome cities. We asked him what was his favorite city to visit that he'd never been to before. His answer? Omaha, Nebraska.

"It was just the coolest venue. Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, he owns the venue. His label is out of there," Mills explained. "It was just such a cool feeling. I didn't even know I had fans out there. So, it was, like, a really great show."

Mills may be on the radar of hundreds of crazy Brazillians, but he may not be on yours. We forgive you for your past transgressions, but now it's time to make up for it. Mills is quickly making a name for himself on the music scene and it's time you take notice. Even Dr. Luke has noticed Mills and sought him out for a collaboration. There's a lot of big stuff in Mills' future, actually.

"There's some really cool stuff in the works. I have a really dope remix to my single 'All I Wanna Do' by a really, really dope friend of mine," Mills teased, not sharing who it was. He also told us, "And then we just partnered with the infamous Dr. Luke who I've been a fan of for years. You know, he's just so talented and he just has a grasp on music and it's really nice to have someone like that in my corner... he's just incredible and everyone around him is incredible."

Looks like Mills has a jam-packed summer ahead of him. We can't wait to hear the end results.


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