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Maria Menounos on what Mario Lopez and flatulence undies have in common

Someone’s stinking up Extra! At least, he was until Maria Menounos took care of the problem with a special delivery of flatulence undies.

It may pay to eat healthily, but sometimes you pay for it as we found out during our interview with entertainment host Maria Menounos.

“I could say some really embarrassing things right now,” Menounos laughed, and she did. She shared her most fond, embarrassing moments from her time at Extra and, surprisingly, both had to do with bodily functions.

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“I did buy some flatulence diapers that I found online, and I’m not saying they’re for him [fellow Extra host Mario Lopez], but I delivered them to him in his camp because there were some issues around here. And so you can ask him who the culprit is, but I gave them to him.”

Menounos was quick to point the finger back at herself as well, blaming her “ever-present garlic breath” as the cause of her on-set humiliation. Menounos told us Billy Bush was responsible for the most teasing to which Menounos would tell him, “I’m just trying to be healthy!”

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And healthy she is. Now, at least. But it wasn’t always so for Menounos, who claims she didn’t gain the Freshman 15. She gained the Freshman 40. In her new book The EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness, the star of the reality TV show Chasing Maria Menounos shares her secret to losing 40 pounds and keeping it off.

“I think anything extreme is not that smart,” Menounos cautioned during our interview. She continued by addressing fad diets like juicing and cleansing, saying, “It’s not a sustainable way to lose weight.”

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“You really just want to make small, little replacements,” Menounos recommended. In fact, she said she currently has cut out all sugar from her diet. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t treat herself every once in a while, (ice cream with a friend most recently!) but Menounos says small changes, one at a time, is what she’s found to be most successful for lifestyle improvements to eating habits.

Eating healthily is definitely the way to go. Just be prepared for some residual stink from those good choices!

The season finale of Chasing Maria Menounos airs this Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c on Oxygen. Will you be watching?

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