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Who is 5 Seconds of Summer? 5 Things to know

5 Seconds of Summer: pop’s hottest new bad boys

Photo credit: Getty Images

If you hadn’t heard of 5 Seconds of Summer before today’s Billboard Music Awards festivities, you probably have now. Suddenly the internet is buzzing about the newest boy band to storm pop culture. Here are five things to know about the newest guys on the scene.

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1. 5 seconds, 4 guys

The band is comprised of Ashton Irwin, 19, Michael Clifford, 18, Calum Hood, 18, and Luke Hemmings, 17. The boys all hail from the suburbs of Sydney, making the list of Australia’s hottest exports that much longer.

2. Cute, but not clean-cut

The boys are certainly easy on the eyes, but they lean a little bit more towards the punk rock side of music than easy listening. Think piercings and spiked hair. In fact, Clifford, who is the band’s guitarist, has a personal style that is a bit reminiscent of Sid Vicious. While 5 Seconds of Summer’s songs sound nothing like the Sex Pistols, you get an idea of the kind of image the boys are gunning for.

Watch 5 Seconds of Summer at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

3. They’re on One Direction’s radar

5 Seconds of Summer will be joining One Direction on their European tour this Summer as an opening act. One Direction are arguably the be-all, end-all in boy bands right now, but even they are taking notice of the talent that is coming out of Australia. According to the Daily Mail, One Direction’s Liam Payne is even a bit envious of the musicianship of 5sos. “I am a bit jealous of them,” Payne admitted. “I’m working on learning to play now, but I wish I put the time in like they did when they were kids.”

4. They are seriously blowing up

The boys from Down Under have nearly 3 million Twitter followers at present time. While that pales in comparison to One Direction’s 18.9 mil, the number is nothing to laugh at and after tonight’s awards, we’re willing to bet they will have more!

5. Their new video drops tomorrow

“Don’t Stop” debuts tomorrow afternoon in the U.S., and it looks to have a superhero theme.

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