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Tori Spelling reportedly consulting divorce attorneys

Is it the end of the road for this Hollywood couple? Reports are coming in that Tori Spelling is consulting divorce attorneys around town.

Week after week, TV audiences have caught a glimpse of the agony Tori Spelling is in after husband Dean McDermott cheated on her. The couple is under extreme stress in the aftermath of the discovery.

According to Radar Online, it also may be the end of the line for their marriage. Sources are revealing that Spelling has started to consult with several divorce attorneys.

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The insider shared, “Tori has actually been consulting with several very prominent divorce attorneys since Dean went to rehab. One advantage with Tori’s strategy is that Dean won’t be able to hire anyone she has previously met with. Dean is aware that Tori has met with divorce attorneys and it doesn’t faze him.”

The fighting has been pretty dramatic on-camera on their reality show, True Tori, and it is apparently just as bad once the film crew goes home each day.

“At this point, the entire relationship is beyond repair and they are constantly fighting, even more so when cameras aren’t rolling,” said the source.

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Some of the main concerns with getting a divorce are the four kids the couple shares and the spousal support Spelling may have to dole out to McDermott. She’s been the main breadwinner throughout much of their marriage, and there is no prenup agreement in place.

“Ultimately, Tori is afraid Dean is going to come after her for spousal support and possibly attempt to get full custody of their four children,” said the family insider.

The show has almost completed production, but Spelling “won’t file until the last possible moment, perhaps even to try and garner higher ratings and a spin-off.”

It might be the end of the road for this Hollywood couple.

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