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Taylor Swift forgives her cat for Met Gala gown attack

TSwift loves her cat, but she was almost dress-less for the Met Gala after that cat decided to go hunting just before the event.

Taylor Swift really can’t trust anyone in her life. The songstress, who is becoming known for writing about the men who have done her wrong, almost had her dress for the Met Gala completed ruined by her cat, Meredith.

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The night of the Met Gala, Swift tweeted that her dress almost didn’t make it to the event.
The singer finally opened up about the attack, which seems more humorous than anything now.

“I’ve never seen more fashionable people lose their composure quicker than when a cat walks up to a satin, custom Oscar de la Renta gown and then decides to make a home inside of it,” Swift told People. “She just passed, dug her claws in and started to roll — like when you see a crocodile attack an antelope on National Geographic. That’s what she tried to do to the dress.”

Swift added that Meredith “fancies herself as quite a hunter” but luckily, didn’t do enough damage for her owner to have to find a last-minute replacement. “She’s a chubby house cat. She’s not very strong.” Meredith has become famous because TSwift regularly posts photos or videos of her furry friend.
Besides Meredith, Swift’s new BFF appears to be model Karlie Kloss, and she said the two got ready for the big night together.

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“I got ready with Karlie,” she said. “We were both wearing Oscar de la Renta, and we kind of shared a hair girl and got ready in a hotel room. It was so much fun getting ready with one of your best friends.”

We can’t wait to see if Taylor Swift will write a song about Meredith’s attempt to destroy her gown.

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