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Celebs 101: 10 Things you didn’t know about the Bella Twins

Total Divas Season 2 is almost over! For those of you who can’t get enough of the Bella Twins, we’ll help tide you over with some fun facts.

Total Divas Brie and Nikki Garcia (aka the Bella Twins) may star in a successful reality show, but that doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about these WWE champs. The girls shared some behind-the-scenes secrets and some unexpected laughs with us.

1. They’re not “fans” of changing naked

We wanted to know about their craziest fan encounters, and Brie’s was by far the funniest. “Mine would have to be when I was changing in a locker room after workout, completely naked, and someone came up and was trying to have a conversation with me. And it was funny because in my head, I was like, ‘Do I quickly put clothes on, but does that make them uncomfortable? Or do I slowly do it so they don’t think I’m making this awkward?'”

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2. They still fight like sisters

“I think because we are sisters, and we are so close, it’s actually easy because we’re like a 30-year-old couple who bickers all the time,” Nikki explained. So don’t be fooled — just because they fight definitely does not mean these girls don’t have each other’s back when it comes down to it.

3. There are ups and downs to the WWE

“I think the hardest thing in WWE is that there’s only one spot for a woman, and that’s the WWE Diva Championship,” Nikki shared. “There’s 18 of us girls and you’re going for one spot, and you see that on Total Divas. We’re friends, but at the same time, because we are going for one spot, you see the competitiveness, you see the claws come out. No matter how hard you work, if it’s not your time, it’s not your time.”

Nikki was also sure to point out that “it’s the biggest payoff” once you finally do win the title.

4. They know the English language, though they might need a brush-up

“It’s so funny because I knew that my sister and I didn’t know the English language, but wow, after hearing some of our conversations, Nicole, I think we need to go back to school for a little bit!” Brie said with a laugh.

We can attest that during our interview, at least, the Bella Twins were well-spoken.

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5. They’re not snooty, they’re true to their role

Brie explained that the two were “heeled” for a long time in the WWE, which means they were the “bad girls” of the show. They really stayed in that character but, as a result, were given a snooty reputation and a negative light. Both girls agreed they were grateful to Total Divas for bringing to light the fact that they’re actually nice, fun people.

6. They don’t have boundaries

“I think because of our relationship, of being sisters, is kind of why so many people like us. Because we have no boundaries,” Brie explained. “We love each other so much, we know it’s nothing personal. It’s how we were raised.”

7. They’re not gladiators

Nikki joked that they often go into fittings only to see medium and large sizes. People are surprised and caught off guard at their small frames. These girls may be tough chicks you don’t want to mess with, but their frames are lean and mean. The girls are 5 feet 6 inches tall, in case you were wondering.

8. Total Divas needs a blooper reel

The twins shared their favorite moments that didn’t make Season 2 of Total Divas.

Nikki said John faked a heart attack during a workout once while he was injured and scared the heck out of her. Following the fear, the two laughed about the prank.

Brie said her favorite moment not shown in the season was a scene from Bryan’s birthday. Brie purchased a bunch of cute outfits for his present, not realizing how matchy-matchy they were. She explained that Bryan’s comments about the ordeal were the best.

9. Married life is “amazing”

Brie is loving married life. From the honeymoon to being called Mrs. Danielson, this girl is enjoying her newlywed status.

As for Nikki, “We’re just happily together and love being under one roof again,” Nikki explained about her relationship with John Cena. “There’s no diamonds. Just love.”

10. Nikki is not a good maid of honor

Brie called out her sister during our interview, to which Nikki replied, “What?!”

You can judge for yourself when you see the wedding Sunday on E! during the Total Divas season finale.

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