Amanda Seyfried watches The Bachelor with Justin Long

Amanda Seyfried finally opened up about her relationship with Justin Long and revealed they are actually quite normal and watch The Bachelor together.

Not one to boast about her private life, Amanda Seyfried finally gave away some intel on her relationship with boyfriend Justin Long.

Sitting down with Ellen DeGeneres, Seyfried revealed how she and Long lead pretty uneventful lives together that are comprised of making green drinks and watching reality dating shows. “We walk my dog, we make these smoothies in the morning that are called greenies. He got me into that, super-healthy. And, we watch… The Bachelor,” The Les Misérables star admitted.

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DeGeneres was curious whether Seyfried and her guy also watched The Bachelorette, or if they just stuck to the original Bachelor series only. “Oh no, we watch them… all of them,” and added that the reason she loves the shows is because they are such a “train wreck.”

But, apparently the 28-year-old actress has another connection to the hit romance reality series. She revealed that her best friend is actually marrying Constantine Tzortzis, who was a contestant in Ashley Hebert’s season. Not only that, but she will actually be going to the wedding with boyfriend Long in Atlanta.

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“We call him Dino, and my best friend Rachel is getting married this weekend — to him,” Seyfried said excited. “He’s from Atlanta, and we’re all headed to Cumming… we’re coming to Cumming.”

Another tidbit Seyfried divulged about her sweetheart is that the pair recently went on vacation with two friends to Key Largo, Florida. While in the beachy town, the foursome went paddleboarding in the evenings and met up with some dolphins one night. “But I thought it was a shark and I was like, ‘Wait, check the fin!’ and then my boyfriend’s like, ‘I see the blowhole!'” Seyfried joked.

You can check out Amanda Seyfried talk about not doing much with her boyfriend Justin Long, and her thoughts on The Bachelor in the video below.


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