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The Vampire Diaries review: The harsh blow of a finale

Forget Stefan’s heart, ours has just been ripped out with this finale. The Vampire Diaries is killing us with the Season 5 cliffhanger ending tonight.

The Season 5 finale of The Vampire Diaries tonight was just OK, to be honest. The season had better moments, but it was the ending shocker that nearly knocked us out of our chairs. We knew something crazy was brewing with all the dramatics but we just have no idea how they’re going to fix this one. And they had better fix it.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue reading unless you want all the dirty details about the Season 5 finale of The Vampire Diaries.

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SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • ICYMI last week…
  • The Travelers are getting rid of supernaturals, which means the gang is literally running for their lives.
  • Bonnie and Enzo team up to stop The Travelers and The Other Side crumbling. So far, no dice.
  • Julian, in Tyler’s body, rips out Stefan’s heart and kills him.

Let’s handle the good news before we tackle the bad. It’s an exciting night for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) as their relationship finally gets validation from none other than Lexi. She is on hand, of course, on The Other Side. Aside from saving Stefan, again, she provides some much-needed BFF advice: Go get her. The her being, obviously, Caroline. At least now we know that developing relationship is going to be on the up and up for Season 6.

Even better news: Alaric is back, and it’s been confirmed that actor Matt Davis will be reprising his role for Season 6 as a series regular. Love it. Is it bad that we’re now thankful Cult wasn’t wildly successful? We don’t feel guilty. Having Alaric back in the mix will add some much-needed guidance to the gang. Not to mention the rekindled bromance. (Because we refuse to believe the ending of this episode will stick, but more on that in a second.) We’re going to love seeing Enzo and Alaric interact. My bet is on them hating one another. Do you think those two will get along? Especially, in Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) absence? (No matter how short-lived we believe it will be.)

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OK, fine, let’s face the bad news: While all the other supernatural members of our gang — including Tyler — make it back successfully thanks to some clever witchiness from Bonnie and Liv, Damon is still trapped on The Other Side as it implodes. Bonnie’s in the same boat since she’s the anchor.

Even though Elena (Nina Dobrev) can’t see Damon, the two share a devastating goodbye where he dotes on her and tells her that his life was fulfilled because he got to be with her. It’s all super cheesy and simultaneously super fantastic. You can call me a cornball all day because I sighed and awed at every line Damon sold me during the scene.

The show ends with Bonnie and Damon heading toward the light as The Other Side crumbles. They hold hands and prepare to get blown up into the abyss just like so many supernaturals before. That’s it. Done. Dust off your hands. Throw in the towel.

Our only hope is that someone/thing intervenes right at the last second before The Other Side implodes. Bonnie’s grandma did say she took care of some things before moving on. We have an inkling this is what she was referring to. But a long wait to find out for sure. Season 6 won’t premiere until the fall.

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Best quotes of the night

Kicka** Caroline makes a comeback tonight with a vengeance. “Your brother’s officially on The Other Side. Think you can risk it now?” She asks Liv after snapping Luke’s neck.

“There are worse things than having to visit your girlfriend at college on the weekends, Jer.” Matt tells him.

“I will make it back to you, I promise. I promise you.” Damon tells Elena in that barely-above-a-whisper sexy voice.

“I’m sure there are a million other people we’d both rather be with, but…” Bonnie takes Damon’s hand as they prepare to pass on.

Were you surprised by the Season 5 ending of The Vampire Diaries tonight?

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