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JLo gives her 2 cents on the Solange/Jay Z controversy

Jennifer Lopez went on Hot 97 to offer her opinion about the elevator brawl seen around the world.

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Jennifer Lopez made an appearance on radio station, Hot 97, earlier this week and gave her awesomely levelheaded take on the Solange/Beyoncé/Jay Z smackdown that has left the world wondering what the heck their family feud could be about. If you ask JLo, all of the fuss basically boils down to rubbernecking being part of human nature.

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“You can’t speculate,” the “I Luh Ya Papi” singer offered. “What I do know about being in the public eye is that you never know the real story and you never will. Unless somebody decides to share it.”

Solange Knowles was caught on video surveillance in an elevator at an after party for the Met Gala going ballistic at her brother-in-law, Jay Z. Knowles’ sister and Jay Z’s wife, Beyoncé, looked on without intervening during the violent attack. The event has most people hypothesizing as to what could have caused Solange’s anger.

Lopez also pointed out that trying to live a semi-private life, like Jay Z and Beyoncé try to do, can sometimes backfire. “It makes people crazy and want to know more,” Lopez said. “I mean, if you saw a fight on the street right out here, wouldn’t you want to know what happened? Two people you didn’t even know who weren’t famous… I mean like, ‘What happened? What do you think she did?’ I think that’s just a natural curiosity. If I saw two girls fighting outside, I’d be like ‘What? Oh, my God. I bet you she cheated on him with her husband, something happened,'” Lopez illustrated. “We’re just nosy! People are just nosy. And you just gotta know that when you’re in this business and just roll with the punches!”

JLo is no rookie when it comes to dealing with the media and rumors involving her own personal life. She has weathered two broken high-profile relationships (she was once engaged to Ben Affleck and was seriously involved with Diddy) and has also dealt with a much-publicized divorce from Marc Anthony. Since her breakup with Anthony, she’s been dating a much younger man, which hasn’t really helped keep gossip to a minimum.

Watch the full interview below.

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