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Emily Blunt jokes about breaking Tom Cruise’s spirit

Emily Blunt joked about breaking Tom Cruise’s spirit while working on tough scenes for their new film Edge of Tomorrow.

Filming Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise had its expected difficulties, but Emily Blunt joked how she was finally able to break the always-positive and ready-to-go actor during an especially difficult scene.

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, Blunt spilled on what it was like working on her new movie with Cruise. The actress explained how she “broke” her costar after spending most of their shooting time in heavy armored suits that weighed almost as much as she does.

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“We’re hanging in these harnesses with the full weight of the 85-pound suit and your body weight on your groin, which is not fun,” Blunt said. “We’re just hanging there between takes, just waiting for them to get ready and re-light, and I looked at Tom and I can just see that insatiable positivity is now starting to unravel.”

Blunt went on, “I just look at him and he’s pouring with sweat. And I’m just hanging there and I say, ‘This really sucks.’ And he looked at me and he went, ‘It’s a challenge.’ And I went, ‘I said, Tom, it sucks!’ And he went, ‘All right fine, it sucks!’ I broke him. I broke his spirit!'”

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Not only that, but the new mom also revealed how she took Cruise out for their mutual pal Matt Damon’s birthday in London one night. The group decided to go to a “kind of burlesque, stroke sex club” called The Box, which has a “kind of freak show, there’s like weird things that go on that are supposed to make you cringe and run for your life.”

Cruise is good friends with Damon and was really looking forward to celebrating with the Bourne Identity star. So when Blunt informed him that the outing was not going to be the nice, civilized dinner they originally planned on, the Mission Impossible actor became a bit uneasy.

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“I emailed him and said, ‘Tom, change of plan,'” Blunt told Kimmel. “‘We’re now going to go to this club called The Box,’ and I said, ‘Just wanted you to know, you may not feel comfortable with this, but it’s kind of like a… sex club.’ And he emailed back and said ‘Jesus Christ!’ and he went, ‘Well, just don’t let me walk out of there alone!'”

Watch Emily Blunt joke on Jimmy Kimmel about tough scenes with Tom Cruise in the video below.

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