VIDEO: The Flash trailer teases Arrow bromance

May 15, 2014 at 2:48 p.m. ET
Image: CW

The trailer for The Flash, the new spin-off series from The CW's hit series Arrow, promises a fun bromance between Oliver and Barry.


The trailer for the new Arrow spin-off, The Flash, is only a minute long. But if you look closely enough, you can learn a lot from just those few seconds.

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The video shows Oliver (aka the Arrow) walking over hills and through woods until he reaches a paper target set up on a tree. Oliver (Stephen Amell) readies an arrow, takes aim and fires. But before the arrow can hit its target, The Flash (Grant Gustin) snatches it from the air. Flash gives a triumphant yell and Oliver can only grumble, "Showoff."

In just that one minute, the trailer for The Flash gives high hopes that the new CW series will open the door to a new bromance. Barry and Oliver got to interact a little bit in the episode of Arrow where viewers first got to meet the man who would become The Flash, and fans already saw how much chemistry they had together. The trailer proves the two characters will play off each other well when they do interact within their two series.

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Oliver and The Flash are two completely different kinds of guys, but their personalities work great together. Barry is the young guy, excited about his new powers and ready to show them off, while Oliver gained his skills through a brutal trial that has left him with a heavier heart. Oliver will undoubtedly teach Barry that The Flash will need to learn control, while Barry might be able to help Oliver lighten up sometimes.

Does this mean that the long-running bromance between Oliver and his best bud Diggle is in danger? Not at all, but it's good for Oliver to have more than one best friend. Also, it will be nice for Ollie to have a buddy who is also in the superhero business. Talk about male bonding.

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