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Beyoncé’s wedding ring tattoo is a thing of the past

On the heels of a rumored rift in the Knowles-Carter empire, Beyoncé has been accused of getting her wedding ring tattoo removed.

The Knowles-Carter media hurricane continues. Just days after the internet exploded over video footage of Solange attacking brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator as Beyoncé stood by in disturbing silence, rumors of a growing rift between the sisters and the couple hit the blogosphere. To top things off, Beyoncé was recently spotted pre-video attending a basketball game with barely a trace of the wedding ring tattoo that she and Jay Z got inked several years ago.

Despite it being years since the red Roman numerals IV tattoo was done, the entertainer also posted a photo on Tumblr not too long ago with tape over her finger, which has led some to believe that she’s actually had the artwork removed. Beyoncé and Jay Z’s matching tattoos have double meaning. Not only does the number four represent both of their birthdays, but it also is symbolic of the day they got married.

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The other rumored rift in the family between Beyoncé and little sister Solange has appeared to ease up, at least according to the social media realm and probably a crew of very tactful publicity reps. Despite an apparent absence from her Instagram account, Solange took the time to dedicate a Throwback Thursday photo to her big sister. Let’s hope for a happy sibling reunion.
On Thursday, May 14, it was reported that New York City’s Standard Hotel fired the unnamed employee who leaked the infamous footage for “breaching the security policies of the hotel and recording the confidential CCTV video,” according to ABC News. Shortly after the video went viral, the hotel released a statement expressing their disappointment and telling the public that they would comply with an investigation by turning over “all available information to criminal authorities.”

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