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How to flatter Charlize Theron: Liken her to Seth MacFarlane

Charlize Theron may be one of Hollywood’s most talented stars, but who she really admires is Seth MacFarlane. In fact, she’s completely fascinated by him.

It’s always good to see that even those actors and actresses who are on top of their game occasionally find themselves in admiration and awe of others in the industry, and Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron is no exception.

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So who does the South African-born beauty admire?

Seth MacFarlane! The Snow White and the Huntsman actress may be celebrated for her serious and dramatic roles, but comedy is not something we typically associate with Theron. However, thanks to MacFarlane, she got to show the world she also has a comedic side when the duo paired up for their new comedy film A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Theron is clearly very thankful to MacFarlane, because she admitted to People magazine that she has always had deep respect for the funny and talented writer, director and actor.

”The most flattering thing you could say to me is that I could be a match to him. I am a huge fan and have been for many, many years,” she confessed.

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”He’s definitely the kind of person that from afar fascinates me. Then you have this opportunity to know someone, and when they don’t let you down, that’s such a gift. The thing you remember when you’re 80 and lying on your deathbed is that. I’ll remember the friendship and working with Seth on this movie,” Theron said.

That’s some pretty high praise for the Family Guy creator, who the 38-year-old star has previously credited with making her enjoy her work once again.

“I’d gone through like a two-year period where I wasn’t really enjoying making movies anymore. And this movie really just shook me and made me realize how much I love it. I owe a lot of that to Seth,” she revealed to the New York Times.

A Million Ways to Die in the West starts on May 30.

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