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Rita Ora loves her fans, except the ones who want to kill her

Rita Ora loves her fans, but occasionally a fan gets a little too obsessed and threatens the singer’s safety.

Rita Ora is gorgeous and talented, so it’s not all that surprising everyone wants a piece of her — except that one obsessed fan who wants more than just a piece.

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The “R.I.P” hit maker loves her fans, affectionately known as her Rita-bots, and she recognizes that without them she would not be enjoying the fame that surrounds her. However, Ora also has learned that fame comes at a price and that occasionally one fan ruins it for the rest when the person takes things a little too seriously.

“It’s nice to be accepted by my Rita-bots and I am always honest with them,” Ora revealed to the Daily Star newspaper.

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However, the 23-year-old beauty went on to reveal that she was left scared by one obsessed fan.

“But there was one person in New York who scared me. He was following us everywhere. I had no idea how he got to places I was going to, but he would and he always, always asked for a picture,” she confessed.

“But one day his camera fell on the floor while it was raining, and I’ve never seen anyone turn so angry. That was weird — you give people what they want and then they go too far, and want to kill you,” Ora revealed. Yikes!

Luckily, the star remained unharmed. Even though she has had some creepy encounters, Ora is still unafraid to be herself, especially during interviews.

“I tell the truth in interviews, you always have control over it,” Ora insists. “If I don’t want people to know something then I won’t talk about it. And there’s a way of stopping stories coming out in the press.”

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The British star is one of the hottest young talents at the moment, yet she still finds herself starstruck by Beyoncé and Madonna.

“I’m a female who loves empowering women and obviously Beyoncé is one those women. I was her biggest fan, I loved everything she stood for,” she gushed.

“Same goes for Madonna for having incredible confidence — I couldn’t speak when I met her. I love women who are proud of who they are.”

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