9 Things you didn’t know about Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is one of football’s most eligible bachelors (and is rumored to be dating Olivia Munn). He is one interesting guy.

Aaron Rodgers may be one of sport’s most eligible bachelors, and rumor has it that he is dating Olivia Munn. Here are nine things you may not know about Rodgers.

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1. As of 2013, he is the highest-payed player in the NFL

In April 2013, he agreed to a five-year, $110 million deal with the Green Bay Packers. According to ESPN, Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady were the only football players to make at least $31 million last year.

2. He was rumored to be engaged to a former Bachelor contestant’s sister

Destiny Newton and Rodgers dated on and off for years, and there were even rumors of a wedding. Newton’s sister is Shawntel Newton, who appeared on The Bachelor in 2010 and then again in 2012.

Shawntel regularly tweeted about the Packers and Rodgers while her sister and the football player were dating.

3. His brother also plays football

Jordan Rodgers signed with the Miami Dolphins back in April, but was cut on May 12. According to CBS Sports, Rodgers has spent time with Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Miami.

4. He is best friends with Ryan Braun

The Brewers’ short stop and Rodgers were partners in a restaurant group (which included restaurant 8-Twelve in Milwaukee — their two numbers) until Braun’s admission of using performance-enhancing drugs. There is no word since then on where the friendship stands.

5. He is also BFFs with The Office‘s Brian Baumgartner

Rodgers and Baumgartner have been friends for a few years now, and Baumgartner even made an appearance in Green Bay for a football game during the 2013 season. Rodgers attended Baumgartner’s wedding back in April.

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6. He was a Super Bowl MVP

Back in 2011, the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl and Rodgers was named the Most Valuable Player.

7. He is only 30 years old

For how much Rodgers is making, it’s easy to imagine he is a lot older than he is. The football star was born Dec. 2, 1983, in Chico, California.

8. He was rejected by Florida State University

After the rejection, Rodgers was offered a walk-on scholarship by Illinois, but declined. He then attended Butte Community College and then the University of California, Berkeley.

9. He gives back

Rodgers started a charity, itsAaron.com, “to create awareness for organizations and people who are changing the world.”

He said the charity “is a reminder and an opportunity. It’s a reminder that each one of us can make a big difference in our community. It’s an opportunity to get involved. Be inspired. Be involved.”


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