These Pharrell Williams parodies make us ridiculously happy

May 14, 2014 at 7:38 p.m. ET
Image: Via Bart Baker YouTube

Just like when Jack Johnson's simple little tunes made us smile and then, through saturation, made us homicidal, so, too, is the case with Pharrell Williams' "Happy." We're tired of the general acceptance of Pharrell Williams' stupid hats and of this annoying little anthem getting stuck in our heads. These parodies say it all.

Happy ParodyPhoto credit via Bart Baker

Note: Videos are NSFW.


If "Happy" is making you "grumpy," we proudly present the cure. Any song that suggests we "clap along if you like to make young children cry" while a grown man swats an ice cream cone out of a little kid's hand has our vote. Why does this brand of humor make us laugh until we cry? Because we're crappy. (Please note the hats, which include a dog in a glass bowl.)

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This parody makes us happy for reasons that are a clear departure from Williams' original intent. If you agree that "this song is so overplayed it will make you insane," then you are going to love this. When Joan Rivers barks at fake Pharrell that he's "under arrest for that fugly-a** brown headpiece," it makes us very happy.

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Yep, they went there, singing, "Clap along if you feel chicken nuggets are the truth," and, "I've eaten so much food, Nutella's my blood type." Oh, wow. There is just something purely magical about a beautiful harmony of "'cause I'm a fatty" playing in the background.


Happy Legos

If you haven't climbed out on a window ledge yet from hearing this song too many times, we're coming at you with one more. Lego people are happy — they have smiles (literally) painted on their little faces — but the best part of this idea for a parody is in the fact that Lego people can't clap their hands. Brilliant.