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Rockin’ news: Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl nabs his own show

Great news, Foo fans: HBO and Dave Grohl are teaming up for a series. We expect nothing short of awesome.
A few weeks ago, Classic Rock Magazine announced that Dave Grohl and HBO are teaming up to bring a new series to the cable network. The subscription cable network confirmed that news soon after. Details continue to surface about the Foo Fighters’ upcoming television show. Today we learned the title — Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways — and saw the very first promo. After we recovered from just hearing Dave Grohl’s voice, we recognized there wasn’t much new information in the trailer. However, we’re still giddy with fangirl excitement.

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According to HBO, the series is scheduled to premiere on the eve of the Foo Fighters’ 20th anniversary and will showcase songs from their upcoming album (due out in the fall). We already know Grohl and the gang love the stories behind recording studios. Now they’re taking what Grohl did with Sun Studios and making it more personal.

For each song on their new album, the band traveled to a different city to spend time in a legendary studio and explore the musical roots of that town. While there, Grohl penned a special song to be recorded. HBO emphasizes that Grohl did no pre-writing before hitting the road. The band already recently visited Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago and Don Zientara’s Inner Ear in Washington, D.C., plus plenty more studios scattered across the country. Each song and episode is inspired entirely by one of the eight cities the Foo Fighters visited and will share interviews and stories explaining how the music of that city shaped the band and music in general.

Adding to the already epic all-star power of the Foo Fighters, they also lined up guest performances from rock icons to accompany them in each city. So far, we know those performances include appearances from Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh as well as Kiss front man Paul Stanley.

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The project is the perfect next step for Grohl. His last pet project, Sun Studios, was a major success. The documentary told the story of Los Angeles’ renowned Sun Studios and featured interviews with musicians who have recorded in the space. The doc and its accompanying soundtrack were honored with nominations for countless awards. We can’t imagine this next project won’t garner equal love and acclaim.

Grohl has his hands full already, though. Aside from being, you know, the front man for the Foo Fighters, Grohl has his hands in multiple pots. He’s still an active part of Queens of the Stone Age. He’s also been spotted alongside his band mates in Joshua Tree, California, where they’re recording their next album. That inevitably means another tour is in their future.

A solid premiere date has yet to be announced by HBO, but we’re waiting with bated breath in anticipation.

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