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How I Met Your Dad is a no-go: 5 Reasons it’s not impressive

No bro code? No slap bets? No Mosby moments? No show. In-the-works How I Met Your Mother spin-off How I Met Your Dad is not included in the CBS lineup.

It was a nice idea to show the lady’s perspective of the dating pool in her quest for true love, but as the details unfolded around CBS’ planned spin-off How I Met Your Dad, the reality just didn’t seem as legen—(wait for it) dary. Though CBS has passed on the comedy, executive producer say they’re continuing to shop the pilot around to other networks. Still, the odds aren’t looking so hot and we have a few reasons why.

1. Greta is great… but she’s no Milioti

When the pilot was first proposed, fans were under the assumption that it would be Tracy’s (Cristin Milioti) journey to meeting Ted (Josh Radnor). Many were surprised and disappointed to discover it would be an entirely new cast with an entirely new premise.

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2. Wait, no bro code? No slap bets or Mosby moments?

How I Met Your Mother-isms have become such a staple of the brand. Without these key and hilarious elements, a whole chunk of the show would be missing. We have no doubt How I Met Your Dad writers would come up with some witty isms of their own, but could they become such a staple part of our lives too? We’re feeling iffy.

3. New cast means new dynamic

It’s impossible to imagine another group of friends that could compete. Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan), Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) and, of course, Ted and Tracy have found such a permanent place in our hearts, anyone else trying to join the bubble would just seem forced.

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4. Challenge accepted, but maybe not accomplished

Retooling a show is no easy feat. With Meg Ryan attached as the voice of The Mother and Greta Gerwig in it to win it, all signs were pointing toward a successful pilot. According to CBS topper Nina Tassler, “We tried to reach out and engage [the HIMYD executive producers and creators] about redoing the pilot, but that [is] just not happening. You run into these kind[s] of issues. You hope they can resolve themselves. They didn’t.”

5. CBS pulled a lemon law

According to Entertainment Weekly, producers weren’t interested in returning to the drawing table to retool the comedy. It looks like when that happened, CBS realized early on in the relationship that the pilot wasn’t going to work for them.

Are you disappointed to hear CBS pulled out of the spin-off?

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