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Tacky Lil’ Kim hits up fans for baby presents

Lil’ Kim is so desperate for gifts that she spread her baby registry details all over social media.

Do you happen to have extra cash burning a hole in your pocket and a longing to buy expensive baby gifts for a wealthy rap star you’ve never met in your life and probably never will? Well then, today is your lucky day.

Pregnant hip-hop star Lil’ Kim had her assistant post the complete details of her baby registry, with no less than five stores to choose from, including the pricey Tiffany & Co., Petit Tresor and Bel Bambini, as well as the shipping address for all those prezzies.

The registries, which can be accessed by looking up the names “Kimberly Jones” or “Kim Jones,” include such luxury items as a $575 Tiffany sterling cup and a $349 high chair.

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Lil’ Kim made sure to post her baby shower details multiple times on her own Twitter and retweeted her assistant’s baby registry announcement to maximize her gift haul — but not all fans were eager to buy in.

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