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Beyoncé bombs Instagram with pics of Solange

Beyoncé showed that bygones are bygones today by posting a bunch of photos of her and her feisty sis Solange on Instagram.

Who is the bigger person here: Solange, who deleted all but one photo of her big sis Beyoncé from her Instagram yesterday, or Beyoncé, who uploaded a ton of pics of the sisters in happier times to her own account this morning?

We’re going with Beyoncé, unless she purposely did it with the intent of enraging a reportedly extremely temperamental Solange further, in which case we say, “Well played.”

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The video went ’round the world: Solange attacked her brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Ball last week while Bey stood idly by with a serene smile that seemed to say, “Oh, this again.”

Word is that Solange was already annoyed with Jay Z because he asked her to tell her friends to knock it off when they were name-dropping him to try to crash the Met Ball. And she reportedly lost her mind when he said he was heading to an after party thrown by Rihanna rather than heading home with the sisters.

Just to make sure we know she has no beef with any of these players, Beyoncé posted a snap of her and RiRi, too. As for Hova, she made sure they were seen around NYC getting pizza and hitting up a basketball game.

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Here are the photos Bey posted today. The first one is our favorite — Solange is obviously practicing her elevator kickboxer moves in preparation for the big brawl.

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