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9 Reasons Coldplay’s Ghost Stories will be an epic TV event

Already stressed about next Monday? Loosen up on Sunday night by dancing your heart out through Coldplay’s television special, Ghost Stories. We’re stoked!
With the release of their new album, Coldplay is setting up to do something awesome. Similar to the post-Saturday Night Live performance from Arcade Fire, the English band has lined up a television special called Ghost Stories. The event will feature footage from a previously recorded special concert (complete with a light show) interspersed with video clips which, from the sound of it, will weave an intricate story. (Most likely of the non-scary ghost variety?)

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So far, all anyone has seen of the special is a fast-paced, 36-second trailer, but that was all it took to get us excited. From high-flying stunts to super-cool light technology, Coldplay has put together a highly entertaining event for their fans. Each time we watch, the video feels like another much needed half-minute office dance party. We’ll definitely tune in on Sunday, May 18, at 8/7c for the seemingly spectacular Ghost Stories.

To get us through the next few days and to help you realize just how badly you need to watch the event, we’ve created some GIFs to show off our favorite moments.

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‘Sploding color!

Photo credits: Coldplay via YouTube

This kind of looks like that pigment they throw at color runs. You think they doused their concertgoers? If so, we’re infinitely jealous.

Bounce with him

Squee! Say what you want about Chris Martin, but we doubt he’ll ever “consciously uncouple” from his fans. It seems like he puts his heart into every show he does. We love to see his giddy excitement and overflowing emotion when he performs.

Amazing dance moves

OK. Soooo, he’s definitely a white dude. No one else would think helicopter arms were a good idea in public. But he totally owns it, and we can’t wait to watch him unleash ’em throughout the event.

Holy flying rock star, Batman!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a newly single musician! Keep reaching, ladies. Just keep reaching.

Laser piano

We imagine that it sounds like a light saber, but we realize we’re probably wrong.

Time for an epileptic seizure

So many lights. Such colors. Can’t… look… away.

And then, boom!

Chris: “Star confetti, anyone?”
Us: “Please, sir, may we have some more?”

One of the hundreds of our virtual guests for Sunday

This is now the official dance move to all Coldplay songs. And the secret password for getting into our viewing party. Don’t forget! (And please: Wear deodorant.)

Stars and spins

All good things must come to an end. Even Coldplay concerts. This moment with our boy spinning like a kid through the star confetti seems like the best place to leave you. At least until Ghost Stories on Sunday, right?

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