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The Originals review: A WTF, OMG season finale we love

This might just be the best season finale we’ve ever seen. The Originals brought it home tonight with a bundle of joy and an unexpected appearance.

Photo credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a season finale more in my life than tonight’s episode of The Originals. It blew me away from the moment it started. From the writing to the acting to the uh-mazing plot points, it was brilliantly executed. Thank you, CW.

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SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • ICYMI last week…
  • Marcel and Klaus finally have their throw down, which ends with Klaus biting Marcel.
  • Surprise! Francesca is a vampire, and she and her gang bite the remaining vampires.
  • Hayley goes into labor, and the witches take her, planning to sacrifice the baby once it’s born.

Hayley is killed

The first standout moment of the night was the first time I cried. The witches slit Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) throat after the baby is born and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) loses it. He’s so distraught.

Best quote #1: “I needed her, and you’ve broken me,” Elijah tells Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in his heartbreak.

Thank everything that is good on this Earth that Hayley isn’t dead. She still had the baby’s blood in her veins when she died, which means mommy wolf is now mommy hybrid.

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The witches go down

Next, it’s Marcel — of all people — to the rescue. Just before Monique can kill the baby, Marcel kills Monique.

And finally, finally, Genevieve gets what she deserves. Hayley gladly runs a dagger through Genevieve, but not before some words of warning from the witch: It isn’t just the ancestors that want the baby dead, it’s the ancestor, aka Ester, the original witch.

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Klaus holds the baby

We were hoping for this moment tonight, and it was just as beautiful as we wanted. Klaus and the little baby stare at each other with wide-eyed recognition that nearly had us bawling again. We absolutely melted. Klaus takes the whole dads and babies cuteness to another level. It was the perfect moment.

Until we see Mikael standing in the shadows, holding a white oak stake, that is. Good thing Davina has other plans. She spent years as a magical pawn and doesn’t plan on it again. So she added a little extra something to the spell that brought Mikael back from the dead. Now, she controls him. Get it, girl. Just please decide to not hurt Klaus. We really like him around, especially tonight.

Best quote #2: “You had me pegged from the start, a man damaged by his demons and those demons are not done. They are hellbent on killing me and everything I find beautiful. And you, you are beautiful.” Klaus tells Cami.

Her name is Hope

In their quest to protect the baby from the never-ending witch haunting, Klaus and Hayley decide to fake their baby’s death. After all the necessary planning, they entrust the baby’s life to none other than Auntie Rebekah (Claire Holt). That’s right, she’s back.

Best quote #3: “She looks like her mother,” Rebekah tells Klaus. “Maybe there is a God after all.”

Klaus smirks, “Well, she has a hint of the devil in her eyes. That’s all me.”

Rebekah promises to take care of the baby.

Best quote #4: “Perhaps we’ll get a white fence. I think that would be lovely.” Rebekah muses. This is the part where I break down in tears. Round two.

And then Rebekah asks the question we’ve all been dying to know: What’s the baby’s name?

Best quote #5: With tears running down his cheeks for all the love and heartache of the moment, Klaus tells Rebekah, “Hope. Her name is Hope.” Cue the crying, round three.

This is definitely the most amazing scene of the entire series thus far. Possibly the best scene ever, thank you very much. I just don’t know how you top this beautiful moment.

A teaser for what’s next

The show ends with a look at what’s to come. A girl walks in the graveyard at night. A man joins her side as they stand at a marked grave. He says, “May she rest in peace.” The girl responds: “What’s the fun in that? Come along, we have much to do.” The duo leaves, and we get a look at the name on the grave: Ester. Looks like Mikael won’t be the only one returning to New Orleans.

Uh, when does Season 2 premiere? The wait will be OK. You can find me re-watching tonight’s season finale a few more times.

What did you think of tonight’s finale of The Originals?

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