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Shonda Rhimes now dominates ABC’s Thursday nights

We hope you love drama, because ABC and Shonda Rhimes are teaming up to bring you a buttload on Thursday nights.

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You love Shonda Rhimes, right? You better. She’s overtaking your Thursdays. During ABC’s upfronts today, they announced some lineup changes that, in essence, make Rhimes the proud owner of Thursday’s prime real estate.

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Starting this fall, all three of ABC’s Thursday evening time slots will be filled by Rhimes-produced shows. Grey’s Anatomy will start at 8/9c, followed by Scandal at 9/8c and then her brand-new show, How to Get Away With Murder, starting at 10/9c. Looks like it’s all Shonda drama all the time. Can you handle it? We couldn’t be more thrilled! And, if her new contract is any indication, the setup could stay this way for a few years. Rhimes just nabbed a four-year contract extension. ABC owns her until May 2018. Although, we’re pretty sure it’s really the other way around and that Rhimes practically owns ABC.

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Her newest drama, How to Get Away with Murder, marks her fourth full series and the fifth show of hers ABC has pushed. So far, Off the Map has been the only show to not float well for the network. (That’s a shame, too. We loved it.) How to Get Away with Murder is expected to be a major hit, though. The show follows the amazing Viola Davis as a professor of law who finds herself tangled up in scandal and intrigue with multiple students. As far as competition goes, the new series is up against the sixth and final season of Parenthood on NBC and most likely Elementary on CBS. Our DVRs are going to be working in overdrive on Thursday nights come fall.

Will the new time slots for Grey’s and Scandal hurt their ratings? Hopefully not. After all, what will Rhimes do without all that money if one of the shows is canceled?

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