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Alec Baldwin pulls an Alec Baldwin, tweets rant about cop

Alec Baldwin is not happy with New York City, and it got worse today when he was cited on his bicycle. So, in true Alec Baldwin fashion, he tweeted his thoughts on the arrest.

Alec Baldwin knows how to share his anger, and if it’s not taken out on a photographer, it’s generally on Twitter. After being arrested Tuesday, May 13, Baldwin shared his thoughts on the arresting officer, as well as his anger over being told he was breaking the law.

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Baldwin’s arrest came after he was pulled over for allegedly riding his bike the wrong way down the street, and not having ID on him when he was pulled over, according to MTV. TMZ reported that police said the actor was “belligerent” after being taken into custody. Baldwin was put into the back of a squad car during the incident.

Baldwin was cited for disorderly conduct as well as the bike infraction. He admitted to the crime later on Twitter, tweeting the name of the police officer and his badge number, and adding that the officer “arrested me and handcuffed me for going the wrong way on Fifth Ave.”

Back in 2012, Baldwin deleted his personal Twitter account after an incident with a flight attendant. He has since been using the Alec Baldwin Foundation’s Twitter account to share his personal thoughts.

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The 30 Rock star was upset to be in trouble, but reminded the police they were not there to help him when he and his family were surrounded by paparazzi.

It was just three months ago that Baldwin wrote a piece for New York magazine hinting that he would be leaving New York for the City of Angels, but it appears that has yet to happen. He continued his Twitter rant on Tuesday, blaming the city of New York for everything that happened.

Tell us — do you think Alec Baldwin went too far with his tweets after the incident?

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